The Avenue Family Network, Inc. originated in 1891 as the National Children’s Home Society for the District of Michigan “to secure for every child the same love and the same opportunity that we would have our own children receive should they be left orphaned and friendless.”  The first child was taken into our care on September 28, 1891, followed by hundreds of orphaned children who we helped by finding them permanent homes. Since that time, our programs have changed as new community needs were identified and as we grew to become a full-service organization serving children, families and adults. Our most recent change came in November of 2018 when the organization transition to a new brand under, The Avenue. Today we offer services through five comprehensive programs that serve the people living in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties.

Providing Services Through Five Comprehensive Divisions

In 2017, The Avenue Family Network, Inc. serviced 863 clients throughout southwest Michigan. Our divisions are focused on the vulnerable citizens often find themselves at a crossroads – not knowing where to go for help. We aim to inspire others who come to a fork in their road, to choose the Avenue that brings them the most joy – and allow us to help them on their path to securing a strong family and safe home.

Autumn House Adult Day Services

Your loved ones will be helped with their special needs including memory loss or impairments, physical limitations such as Alzheimer’s disease dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or other physical impairments.

Harbor House Adult Day Services

Harbor House welcomes those that are socially isolated or lonely, developmentally disabled adults, and those limited in their ability to function  independently. We also provide a rest from caregiving responsibilities to those who need it.

Shoremark Homecare

Shoremark Homecare offers assistance to seniors, disabled persons and those with chronic conditions in their own homes so they can retain their independence. Services range from Medical Advocacy, to help around the house and personal care.

Cora Lamping Center

The Cora Lamping Center for Survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence are offered services needed to develop safe, healthy, and meaningful lives for themselves and their children. This includes shelter services for clients and their dependent children, 24-hour helpline, legal advocacy, counseling, support groups and case management.

West Michigan Guardianship

WMG provides services to adult individuals who are disabled or incapacitated and unable to make informed decisions regarding daily life choices. Clients who are served may be developmentally disabled adults, suffering from dementia or other special needs, or who may be victims of fraud, manipulation, neglect, or abuse from family, neighbors, or strangers. 

“Life’s Adventure is dependent upon the avenue you take.”

Joe Goepfrich

Executive Director, The Avenue Family Network, Inc